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Saturday, October 18, 2008, 10:55 PM
Posted by Administrator
The new version is almost ready. It comes with a new chart2unsigned too. VocalEditor isn't quite done yet, but if I can get the release out tomorrow (Sunday) night, I can finish up the VocalEditor at school on Monday and post it Monday night.

So the new features:
Options Menu
Localization (languages)
Peripheral Plugins
Instrument Scripts
More intuitive GUI (especially on the controller choose screen)
Pretty new graphics for higher end computers (normal mapping done right!)
Support for ShaderModel 1.1 (which will probably be buggy at first)
Consecutive songs! And exiting a song takes you to the song select screen so you don't have to set up controllers again.

A couple downsides is that since this version is so very different (if not in usage, but the underlying code) from the original, there are bound to be lots of bugs. Since vocals is the next thing I am tackling, I haven't even tried them. There is a VERY high chance the program will crash if you start a game with a player on vocals.
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