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FortisVenaliter Productions was started in January 2008 in Orlando, Florida. FV Production started with a reasonably successful open source music-rhythm game Unsigned. Unsigned's success has been rapidly growing and is continuing to grow every day.

FV Productions has one employee to date:
Louis Ingenthron Louis Ingenthron began programming at an early age. He had an affinity for game development from the start. After taking courses in high school to learn Java, he applied for and was accepted to attend Full Sail Real World Education in September 2007 in the Game Development program. In August 2007, he picked up C#, and on the suggestion of a friend, entered the world of XNA. In November 2007, he began Unsigned. Unsigned picked up attention, and he started FV Productions in January 2008 to be the "official studio of Unsigned." In March 2008, Louis joined Allied Kingdoms, a new game development company focusing on Nintendo WiiWare titles. In May 2008, Louis was invited to attend Maker Faire to be the spokesman for a small booth devoted to Unsigned and sponsored by Microsoft. Louis has an enduring passion for game development and will continue to develop games until he dies of exhaustion, preceded by a lack of caffeine.